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Political Action Updates

BTA understands the importance of being politically active. Our Union’s involvement in Legislative Issues and Political Action Committees is vital if we intend to succeed in our constant battle for the good paying jobs that our members deserve. When our members participate in Labor Walks, lobby days or simply gather together at town hall meetings, we create the foundation along with strong relationships that are essential in lobbying for important legislation.


  • Opt-Out Fact Sheet

    01.25.2015/Political Action
    The “Opt-Out” movement continues to grow nationally and in New York state. Parents and teachers are deeply concerned about over-testing and the stress the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) has placed on students. As a result, more parents are...
  • The Beacon Lite - Educated Voter

    10.28.2014/Political Action
    Click here to download a .PDF copy of this months newsletter. Click here to download a .PDF copy of this months newsletter.
  • Bellport Teachers Negotiation Survey

    10.09.2014/Political Action
    As we enter into this negotiation year, we are looking for your valuable input. Please complete the following survey (it will take no more than a few minutes), to let us know what issues concerns you the most. [click here]. We will take that information and use it as a team to...
  • Teachers intervene in lawsuit challenging tenure

    10.08.2014/Political Action
    New York State United Teachers announced today that its motion to intervene in a suit challenging the state's tenure law was granted by state Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo. The motion - filed on behalf of seven individual teachers and the statewide union - now provides...
  • Testing gripes protected by 1A

    10.08.2014/Political Action
    New York State United Teachers has filed suit in federal court seeking to invalidate confidentiality agreements the State Education Department requires teachers to sign before scoring state tests, saying the prohibition - with its accompanying threats of discipline, including...
  • BTA front and center!

    04.30.2014/Political Action
    Good work to those that took there time to protest the policies brought forth by Governor Cuomo on April 28th in Holbrrok. Read the coverage on and check out the photos on our website. We were heard loud and clear! Cuomo personally reached out to the organizer of the...
  • NYSUT ad blitz on Governor's and Senate's bad budget

    03.27.2014/Political Action
    NYSUT ad blitz on Governor's and Senate's bad budget New York State United Teachers today launched a $1.5 million ad blitz to oppose a tax freeze plan that would put added pressure on school districts to cut programs, and blasted the Senate for favoring wealthy benefactors of...
  • NYSUT: Educators press for greater investment in pro-education agenda

    03.03.2014/Political Action
    ALBANY, N.Y. Hundreds of rank-and-file educators filled the hallways of the Capitol Tuesday to press state legislators to dramatically boost the state's investment in public schools and colleges, reject tax giveaways to big banks and the wealthy and approve a moratorium on the...