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Fall Issue of the Beacon Lite: Next Chapter

Friday, October 27, 2017
As we begin another chapter in our educational careers, it seems that it must have had the longest prologue ever. Our history has been long and complicated. We have made great strides in public education and we are fearful that we will begin to take steps back. This year we are starting off with a multitude of issues that have been written over years and even decades.
We are faced with the possibility of our profession and other public employees, dealing with an unnecessary Constitutional Convention. The convention derails our focus on what we should focus on in education. Instead, we could have an unnecessary expensive process. It is imperative to be active and vocal at this time. Throughout this time it is vital that you do not stay on the sidelines, you must be an advocate for the educational system and positions as teachers.
Many of our members are advocating for the health of both our children and all staff at Frank Long. The BTA is committed to ensuring that they are diligent and continue to fight for the health and safety of all. Please stay vigilant and attend meetings and be ready to assist your fellow colleagues.
There will be many times that we are asked to assist each other and we should rise to these occasions.This year, we continue a chapter entitled ’Adaptations.’ It is about our ability to adapt to every situation that is presented. As teachers, it is amazing at the flexibility that is needed in our jobs. Each year we are asked to begin new programs, work alongside new colleagues, align our programs to others, and basically make it work. Throughout all this, we do make it work!
Another chapter that comes as an afterthought is something that is always written last. It doesn’t even have a title. It is the chapter about taking care of ourselves so that we can be the best teachers possible. This chapter must include taking time for yourself, devoting time to relaxation, and spending time with those that lift us up. Too often this chapter lies empty, but it is one of the best sections of our book.
This year, we continue to write our chapters while outlining ones around us. Remember how you want your story to go and the path in which you want it to take.
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