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The Educated Voter

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Bellport Teacher’s Association proudly endorses the South Country School District’s 2017 Budget and supports the following candidates for the Board of Education:

Jack Nix
I’m inspired to bring a younger perspective to the BOE. Teachers need help to thrive in their creativity.

Jack graduated from the SCSD in 2012. He believes that he will bring a younger perspective to the board and will fight to protect those programs that he believes are beneficial to our students such as; the arts and theater program. He is in support of the Opt-Out Movement and believes that the tests should not be tied to teacher evaluations at all. He wants funding to go to after school programs and S.T.E.A.M. Jack believes that the BTA has shaped who he is today.

Danielle Skelly
Stop complaining on Facebook and start complaining to politicians. Think outside of the box.
Danielle serves on the SCSD BOE and is seeking re-election. Danielle has been a foster parent and has raised over 44 students in foster care. Currently, she has 9 kids from the ages of 3 to 20. She believes that kids should be looked at globally and need to be given choices and support so that they can prepare for college, a career, or have a skill upon exiting. As a trustee, she wants to help make our district look favorable and make people want to come here. She believes that we already have phenomenal programs.
Allison Stines
Stop blaming people and be responsible for your own path it is what you make it.
Allison currently serves on the BOE as the Vice President. She is vested in the schools especially since she has 2 kids who still attend and one who has gone through SCSD and is now onto college. She was one of the first parents to opt her child out of testing when people didn’t even know you could. She believes she represents a lot of the people in the school district, is easy to talk to, and will bring concerns to the BOE.
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