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General News Updates

  • NYSUT: Opt Out Know Your Rights

    04.09.2018/General News
    As schools across New York State prepare for the administration of the grade 3-8 English Language Arts and Math tests in April and May, parents and teachers continue to raise questions about students opting out of the tests. To help answer these questions, we have updated our...
  • The Advantage of Being a Union Teacher

    04.04.2018/General News
    Average Teacher Salaries in Right-to-Work States vs. Fair Share States* RTW States Average Teacher Fair Share States* Average Teacher   Salary(2015)   Salary (2015) Alabama $47,949 Alaska $65,468 Arizona $49,885 California $69,324 Arkansas $...
  • AFT President Visits Bellport

    03.20.2018/General News
    On  March 19th, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten visited Bellport. She held a class with some of our students where she gave a civics lesson on the importance of unions. Later in the day, she met with leaders from some of the local teachers unions...
  • What You Can Do About Guns in Schools

    02.25.2018/General News
    From NYSUT President Andy Pallotta: We want to take a moment to update you on actions being planned across the country to protest gun violence in our schools.  Earlier this week, President Trump held his first in a series of listening sessions around this topic with students,...
  • Creating a More Consistent Disciplinary System

    02.23.2018/General News
    The BTA is doing all that is can to address the issues of consistency in discipline throughout the district in order to make things safe for our students and our members. There have been multiple stories about occurrences on discipline in the middle school and the high school...
  • GRAMMY winner remembers her favorite teacher

    02.01.2018/General News
    "My feet will never forget it."  That's what Bronx music teacher Melissa Salguero recalls about walking the red carpet last night at the GRAMMY Music awards, where she was honored as GRAMMY Music Educator of the Year.  Yes, that red carpet. And that black dress with bling, and...
  • The Beacon: What's Next?

    01.29.2018/General News
    When you reflect on the last few years, it has been one long fight trying to preserve our system. Public education is again under attack and we need to stay vigilant. Together we defeated a reopening of the NYS Constitution through a vote in November. Now public education;...
  • L.I. Teachers Holiday Ad Campaign: Consider Becoming a Teacher!

    12.21.2017/General News
    The holiday season is upon us and believe it or not this is also the college application season. A teacher shortage is upon us and school districts across Long Island will be looking to hire a highly qualified, diverse staff to meet demand. So high school seniors, enjoy the...
  • Flip the Ballot Over and Vote No

    11.06.2017/General News
    */ When you go to vote, you will need to flip your ballot over to vote on Proposition 1. Once you flip your ballot, fill in the "No" box. Click here to download the sample ballot. 
  • Vote NO on Prop One Talking Points

    11.06.2017/General News
    */ Here are some talking points on why you should Vote NO to Prop One, the Constitutional Convention. Click here and here to download the flyers.
  • No Con Con Long Island Teachers Ad

    11.03.2017/General News
    */ Listen here to hear the Long Island Teachers radio advertisement reminding you to Vote NO to a Constitutional Convention on Tuesday, November 7th.  Listen: 
  • Fall Issue of the Beacon Lite: Next Chapter

    10.27.2017/General News
    As we begin another chapter in our educational careers, it seems that it must have had the longest prologue ever. Our history has been long and complicated. We have made great strides in public education and we are fearful that we will begin to take steps back. This year we are...